We have active Facebook and Instagram accounts which you can follow for cute Ragdoll pictures, videos and updates about our cats and kittens 😍

At this time we do NOT have any kittens available.

I have recently had my third baby and as I like to give my kittens a LOT of time, love and attention I feel like I probably won’t be able to do this as much as I want to for a while …so at this stage I am sorry to say that I am not planning any more litters for a few years (Definitely no kittens till at LEAST 2025 at this stage sorry).

I can recommend my lovely friend Toni, here is her website.

I wish you all the best on your search to find your new purrrfect furry family member,

Michelle Fox

Bay of Islands

[email protected]

    While we don’t have any Ragdoll kittens we DO still have kittens that we are fostering through our local rescue. These darling babies, and many others, are currently looking for homes and you can find them here: BAY OF ISLANDS RESCUEΒ