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Truly Scrumptious Ragdolls are just that. Truly Scrumptious. Being the most attractive and appealing blue eyed cats, everyone loves them, but it is their nature that is truly remarkable. Ragdolls have an amazing laid back personality with a playful nature and their craving for your companionship fills your life with special warmth and magical moments that you’ll never forget.

Ragdolls are very docile with their easygoing nature and yet are very playful and ever so gentle. They are very intelligent, and because they have a tendency to be less stubborn than other cats, are very easy to teach tricks too. They can usually learn the same tricks that owners like to teach puppies. Ragdolls love to interact with children, other pets and your visitors... more info




I, Michelle Thackwray of Truly Scrumptious Ragdolls, would like to make a formal apology to Mike and Gill Godfrey of Aurorapetz Ragdolls. On several occasions I made statements about their ethics, breeding practices and care of their cats, which were either misleading, or untrue.  What I said has upset them and has affected their business and I am very sorry for that. Among other things I suggested that they keep their cats in small cages; and that their cats lack human contact; neither of these statements is true. 

I have bought three beautiful cats from them in the past; Aurorapetz Beleza, aka Bella, who I re-named Petal; Aurorapetz Lauren, aka Tiffany, and Aurorapetz Tiki Naha, who I re-named Sky.  They are all happy, healthy cats and I love them very much. I bought them all for breeding purposes, and when I stated Petal was a “rescue“ cat and had been badly looked after that was untrue.

When Petal miscarried kittens for a second time, I stated they refused to replace her. They did not in fact ever refuse to replace her, they instead suggested I get her checked by the vet, and when I did she was given a clean bill of health.  I also sold two of my kittens to another breeder, Toni Fanfulla, of Fanfare Ragdolls, without Mike or Gill’s written permission.  They had sold me the kittens’ father and I knew it was in the contract that I needed their written permission before I sold entire kittens to other breeders. I'm very sorry that I breached the contract.   I am sorry for the stress that I have caused Mike and Gill and any embarrassment and loss that I have caused them and I have taken steps to make up for the losses that they have suffered because of my statements.