Truly Scrumptious Ragdolls...



New Zealand Cat Fancy Registered Ragdoll Cat Breeder


Truly Scrumptious Ragdolls are born in our home and not in cages. They live with us on our 10 acre Coastal block 30 min north of Kerikeri on the North Island of beautiful New Zealand.

We aim to breed healthy, happy, adorable Ragdolls to add to the lives of others and make their lives just as enchanting as ours have been once we were touched by the Ragdoll charm.

We take pride in our cats and kittens and want them to go to homes who will truly appreciate the placid, laid back and friendly nature of our cats and kittens.

We make sure all of our pets have received the very best in love, attention and socialization in preparation for the life ahead of them. Every kitten gets our total love, devotion, time and attention to so they have every opportunity to develop to their fullest potential.
Our Ragdolls are sociable cats and are outstanding best friends!

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